Our Family

Our Family is Our Team

Family and Community Spirit are the keys to the Incan Empire, and at WELSAT our family is our team. Just as the intricately carved, each unique, interlocking stones of Inca structures were designed and built to stand forever, so individual members of the WELSAT family work as an integrated team, each bringing their personal experience and specialized skills to the company.

The Atasi Family roots are in a remote small village called San Francisco, in the Colcha region south of Cusco, Peru. Pictured above are the dear pillars of our business: our parents.

WELSAT Principals and Brothers: Pedro Armanda Salas Atasi (left) and Wilbert Salas Atasi (middle) pictured with their parents and sister.

The Parents, in the left Faustina Atasi and in the right Juan Pablo Salas.

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