Our Company

AUTHENTIC: Native Peruvians sharing their land, their culture and their spirituality
PERSONAL: A family-run business that provides highly individualized service
SAFE: Experienced and professional guides with a proven track record of safety and reliability


The traditional sacred bouquet of coca leaves, in this case formed of three leaves and adorned with carnation petals, is called in the indigenous Quechuan language, the k’intu.
The k’intu is created in Q’ero rituals and ceremonies for making wishes and offerings.
RED symbolizes Mother Earth, female energy;
YELLOW symbolizes Community, love;
WHITE  symbolizes Mountain, male energy.
This is the inspiration today for our company logo, representing both the spiritual lineage of our ancestors, our deep cultural roots and the sustainable practices of our daily life.
At WELSAT, bridging our past with the future, the traditional with the modern, family with business, is a path to balance. With solid roots, we have been able to grow and expand to serve hundreds of clients annually from all around the world.

25 Years of Experience

In the neighbourhood of Cusco, not far from our offices, you’ll find the ruins of Saqsaywaman, built of massive stone blocks, some weighing as much as 200 tonnes. They have stood the test of time for almost 500 years. At WELSAT, we pride ourselves on the integrity and professionalism required to sustain a quarter century of delivering tour operating and guiding services. 

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