Providing an Authentic Travel Experience sice 1988


The wisdom and mystery of the Inka…

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Cusco with meticulously crafted tours led by knowledgeable local guides who bring history to life.

The warmth and colour of the Peruvian people…

Let us design your dream journey through City Tour, tailored to your preferences and interests for an unparalleled travel experience.

The fine dining, rich history and adventure trekking across Peru…

Delve into the authentic culture of Perú with insider access, connecting you with the eart and heartbeat of each destination.

All of these can be yours when you travel with WELSAT.

Whether you wish to soak in the hot pools at Aguas Calientes before dining on French Fusion in a world class restaurant, or hike Mt. Salkantay and sleep in a tent, or participate in spiritual ceremonies that are thousands of years old, Welsat will make your trip to Peru safe, memorable, and just right for you. 
Our commitment to family values, best professional practices, and our 25 years of experience, coupled with our dedication to service and traditional wisdom, makes us the solid choice for your South American adventure.
Our door is open, a portal to new experiences… WELSAT welcomes you to step through and into a world of discovery. We are here to be of service as one of Peru’s leading tour operators.
In fact, we can say «Welcome» in seven different languages because those are all the languages we can provide our service in! We are fluent in English, Spanish, French, German and Quechua (the indigenous language), and we are conversant in Portuguese and Italian.

Your Portal to South America

WELSAT is strategically and centrally placed in Cusco, Peru, the original capital and power centre of the Inca Empire – called the navel of the world. From here, your travel destinations and tour arrangements are limitless in exploring the rest of South America. It is the perfect place to start your adventure!

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